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Refitech is your specialist in engineering and series production of composite parts since 1989. We use our expertise to create innovative solutions together with our customers. Our focus is on consistency, quality and repeatability. We place great value and time on project support. Our team works closely with customers and suppliers, for each project, a specific approach is determined in consultation with the customer. Continuous monitoring and reporting of progress, quality records and budgets are fixed elements during our projects.
Unlike traditional engineering with steel or aluminium, composite engineering offers unique advantages. Composite materials are lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant and can be formed into complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with traditional materials.
High-quality requirements are placed on high-performance components. It is therefore only logical that we have high-quality goals. Thus, we work daily with ISO 9001:2015 certification, design protocols, traceability, quality reports and performance reviews. Where necessary, customer- or product-specific tests and protocols are developed.
In addition to our location in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, Refitech also has its own production site in Ningbo, China. Products and production methods are developed and processes are monitored from the Netherlands. Depending on the product and the economic benefits, it is determined whether production takes place in the Netherlands or China. For each situation, we discuss which production location is most favourable for you. In doing so, we look at all factors within your application, from product complexity and type of production process to purchase volume and cost price target.
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We provide for the following industries

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Different projects already integrated our composite components
Discover how Refitech can become your reliable supplier for aviation. Composite solutions at your fingertips.
Enclosures for personal equipment, sensors, measuring devices and more. High-quality composite solutions from a trusted manufacturer.
Need a custom component for your unmanned aerial vehicle? Find out how we can help you with lightweight products here.
Machine Building
Housings for measuring equipment, complex-shaped (protective) hoods, or robotic arms. Performance-enhancing solutions of consistent quality.
Do you need composite parts for trains, buses or other vehicles? Contact us now to discuss how Refitech can help you.
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Why choose Refitech?

A reliable and trusted European-based supplier, capable of meeting your diverse requirements, while maintaining a focus on quality, communication and efficient production processes.

We are ready to transform your complex ideas into innovative composite solutions.

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