Refitech Wins DISCA22 Award


Refitech Composites has been declared the winner of the DISCA’22 awards by the jury and the public. There was an active vote, after which Refitech received their well-deserved prize. ‘Treat your suppliers and customers as you would like to be treated yourself: always with respect’. DISCA 22 was an anniversary edition, as it was the twentieth presentation of the Dutch Industrial Suppliers & Customer Awards, an initiative of LINK Magazine in collaboration with ING and ISAH Business Software. Traditionally again in Hoeve Mereveld in Utrecht, which was again well filled with about two hundred guests after a few corona years.

“It is a great compliment to all our employees”

From 307 to 3
Prior to the announcement of the winners, customers and suppliers of the six finalists competing for the three awards pitched their candidate. The unique thing about the DISCA awards is that companies cannot nominate themselves; they must be nominated by their customers or suppliers. The organization received no fewer than 307 nominations this year. If a company was nominated by more than one party, it advanced to the second round, after which candidates with the highest score – five per category – were awarded a place in the final. After the juries selected the top 2 in their category, the public ultimately had the deciding vote. Refitech managed to stay ahead of the competition in the Best Parts & Process Supplier category.

Best Parts & Process Supplier “The life of a buyer is not easy, especially if you build this complex Robot in series,” the customer begins his pitch for Refitech. “Working with a lean manufacturing system means that all goods must be delivered exactly on the agreed date, of course in the right quantities and with high quality. Many of our suppliers have struggled with this in the past period. I have never heard of any problems from one supplier and that is Refitech. I think that is a sign of good planning and excellent process control. Refitech is a very reliable partner for us.” Marcel Gillis, managing director of Refitech, says: “We were already very happy to be on the list of nominees. Because you don’t always think about how customers perceive you as a company. This is a great incentive to continue and a great compliment to all employees.” Sales manager Bas Nijpels adds: ‘We listen to our customers and ask them what they really need, but we are also a bit stubborn. If we think things should or can be done differently, we will say so. In doing so, we set the bar high for ourselves, but it is sincere and always respectful.’

Right picture | Left: Bas Nijpels (Sales Manager), Middle: Marcel Gillis (Managing Director), Right: jury chairman Joes Wigman.
For the full jury reports, please contact Martin van Zaalen, editor-in-chief of LINK Magazine, tel. +31 (0)6-53721958, In the upcoming LINK issue that will appear on December 17, extensive attention will be paid to the awards. See also
Pictures by “Bart van Overbeeke”.