Refitech Joins NIDV Network

It is ultimately a logical next step to join the NIDV network because of the growing number of customers in this market. We have the ambition to use our composite expertise for manufacturing for companies within Defence and Security, and this to offer new innovative solutions based on composite. With 33 years of experience in the development and subsequent series production of industrial components, we are a stable partner within the manufacturing industry.

During the EuroSatory trade fair in Paris, Bas Nijpels became better acquainted and was welcomed by Director Ron Nulkes. The Business Development Managers of Air – Peter Huis in ‘t Veld and Ground – Edwin Leidelmeijer also informed Refitech about the activities and the fair.

In these fields, Refitech makes components for:
  • Land Mobility Systems
  • Air Drones – UAV solutions
  • Land Personnel equipment
  • Land and air measuring and auxiliary equipment
In these applications, there is a need for lightweight components with additional properties such as: impact strength, no fatigue, temperature stability, X-ray permeability, chemical resistance.

In addition to growth in markets such as machine construction, panel production and UAVs, Refitech is also increasingly making customised components for companies with applications in Defence and security. Composite as a construction material is being considered more and more to improve performance, but there is still a lot of unfamiliarity. We continue to inform parties and challenge them to think composite. Designing with composite involves different design rules than isotropic materials such as steel and aluminium. That is precisely why we hold no-obligation brainstorming sessions with engineers at our location in Waalwijk. Gaining inspiration and thinking differently about your application. This often leads to new insights and you see with your own eyes what is already possible.

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